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Campgrounds Map

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Here is a Link to a Google Map we created showing locations of several Scout Ranches, campgrounds, State Parks and other locations we visit throughout the year.


Google Map of Campgrounds, etc.

Cub Scouts

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A Cub Scout Pack graduates boys into a Boy Scout Troop.

The Cub Scout Organization

Scouts grades 1 through 5 participate in a “Cub Scout Pack”. A Cub Scout Pack is organized a little differently than a Boy Scout Troop.

A Troop is boy run with oversight from Adults. A Pack is completely parent run.

Boys of the same age are organized into “Dens” of 5 to 8 boys. Each Den must have at least one registered adult leader (also there must always be at least 2 adults at any gathering).

Collectively the Dens are called a Pack.

The Pack is overseen by the Committee just like a Troop.

The first badge a Cub Scout must earn in a Pack is the Bobcat. Bobcat covers things like personal safety and the sayings & handshake & Scout Sign in Cub Scouts.

Each Den then works from an age appropriate Handbook to earn that age groups Badge.

  • Tiger – 1st Grade
  • Wolf – 2nd Grade
  • Bear – 3rd Grade
  • Webelos – 4th Grade
  • Webelos II – 5th Grade

Webelos is a transition period from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. The 5th Grade Webelos II’s “Cross Over” to a Boy Scout Troop sometime during the latter half of the school year (February – June).