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Test: Subscribe to our Experimental Newsletter

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We’re trying out MailChimp to test a newsletter that we can send out to parents, scouts and key community members, to keep them informed of Troop 96 and our events, meetings, camping trips and other news.

If you’d like to join our test, please fill out the form using the link above.

September 2014 Camping Trip (Holly) Instructions

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Hello Troop96 Scouts and Parents,
To follow-up information the scouts were told during the Troop meetings (last week and tonight), I am sending the following information:
What: Troop 96 is tent camping this weekend.
Where: Holly (State) Recreation Area, Organization Campground, 5300 McGinnis Rd, Holly, MI 48442
Departure: Friday, 19SEP2014, 4:20pm (MEET AT GP MEMORIAL CHURCH PARKING LOT)
Return: Sunday, 21SEP2014, by Noon (Scouts will be delivered to their homes)
Cost: $10 per scout (covers food).  Please pay the leader of your patrol, who is shopping this week!
With 50+ kids on the Troop96 roster, I fear some are missing the invitation. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOUR SCOUT WANTS TO GO CAMPING, AND IS NOT LISTED BELOW. Or, if he is listed below, but he is not going…… :-(
As of Monday night (15SEP2014), the following have signed up for camp:
1) Stephen Malbouef
2) Griffin Badrak
3) Will George
4) Teddy Prokop
5) Sean O’Connell
6) Matthew Fleckenstein
7) Donovan Dunham (Saturday arrival)
8) Kerrigan Dunham (Saturday arrival)
9) Tom Carey
10) Cordy Wettstein
11) Connor Lefebvre
12) Mark Armentrout
13) Brian Thompson
1) Ross Fleckenstein (Friday only)
2) T.J. Malbouef
3) Scott Dunham (Saturday arrival)
4) Matt Wettstein
5) Jeff Lefebvre (possible? –  Has truck…can pull trailer?)
Expect cold temperatures. Plan for rain. Always plan for rain! This is Michigan….
Scouts need to bring:
1) Rain gear. Two-piece (Jacket and pants) preferred. Always bring rain gear to camp. Always.
2) Water Bottle (32 oz. Nalgene type, for example. Reusable. Throw-away water bottles just create alot of trash. LEAVE NO TRACE.)
2a) Mess kit (plate, fork/spoon/knife, cup). Reusable. No ‘throw-away’ paper or foam. LEAVE NO TRACE.)
3) Sleeping bag (+ blankets, if necessary) for cold weather. A “zero degree” sleeping bag is not unreasonable. Rule of thumb: Always add 20 degrees to this temperature rating for comfortable sleeping; i.e. “a zero degree bag is comfortable down to 20 degrees F.”.
4) Sleeping pad (closed cell foam type preferred. Air mattresses are not good in cold weather, as the scout’s body will need to heat all the air in the mattress….)
5) Two pairs of shoes and/or boots. It’s Michigan. Rain and puddles happen.
6) Extra pairs of socks. NOT COTTON. Wool, wool blend, or man-made poly-types. Cotton socks get wet, and stay wet.
7) Fleece jacket, for under rain gear. Dress for the weather, in layers.
8) Winter hat/gloves. Might get cold at night. Useful sleeping gear.
9) Optional: pocket knife. Blade less than 3 inches long. Folding type. No sheath knives allowed. Don’t forget your Totin’ Chip!
10) Dinner for Friday evening, to eat “on the way” to camp.
11) Always dress in your scout uniform for the ride to camp.
Please contact me with questions or comments.
Yours in Scouting,
T.J. Malbouef
Assistant Scout Master, Troop 96
mobile: 248-885-5350