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Here’s to Another Wonderful Year of Scouting Adventures!

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Another Summer spent, another school year begins…

And Scouting is BACK!  So don your Class A’s, roll up your neckerchief, wiggle on your woggle and practice your scout sign!

We will see you Monday nights at 7:15! Wonderful things are planned this year and your friends, new, old and yet to be made, are looking forward to sharing them with you!


What I wish Every Scout Parent Understood

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Check out this article by Clarke Green, a fellow Scoutmaster:

I  received this question from a Scout parent:

“I am new to the Boy Scout Program and I am not getting answers to questions.

For instance my son is to bring a blue card to a merit badge event for the counselor to sign. I got a blue card from the Scoutmaster. Another parent with experience in Boy Scouts told me that they needed to be signed by the Scoutmaster, so my son took the blue cards to the next meeting but the Scoutmaster would not sign them because the counselors name wasn’t filled out. My son and I did not know that was necessary.
Is there a briefing or meeting for parents with no experience in Boy Scouts, so they know what to do or ask ? I feel there is a lack of needed information.”
I answered:
“Typically we don’t have detailed briefings or meetings about this sort of thing for parents. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the role parents have in Scouting or that we want to keep them in the dark. It’s just that Scout parents aren’t the ones we want asking these sorts of questions or doing these sorts of things, we want their Scout to be asking and doing.

You are a bit frustrated because you feel you lack the information a responsible, supportive parent needs. Many parents feel this way – you are not alone! I want to help by giving you the most important information a Scout parent needs to know and what I wish every Scout parent understood…”

To read the entire article,  click on this link:

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