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May 21 Dentistry Merit Badge

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On Saturday, May 21, Dr. Krieg(An Eagle Scout) of LakePointe Orthodontics, is happy to host the Dentistry Merit Badge for another year. It is on 22006 Greater Mack Ave, St. Clair Shores. All scouts who choose to sign up must arrive at around 8:30 am in their full uniforms. It ends around 12:00 pm-ish, and their will be pizza and arcade games. There is a $5 fee for the pizza lunch. If you have any questions, or want to sing up, contact Kurt Newman at For info on the Orthodontists office, go to

First Aid MB

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First Aid Merit Badge*

Class information
Counselor: Dr. Paul Schreck

This badge is crucial for young scouts to earn!  Talk to Dr. Schreck to see when you can take his next class or if he can mentor you on your own.


Personal Management MB

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Personal Management Merit Badge*

Class information
Counselor: Mr. Clements


This badge takes a while to earn, so get in touch with Mr. Clements and start today.


Citizenship in the Nation MB

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Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge*

Class information
Counselor: Mr. Dunham

Hey Scouts!  Here is a great link to test your knowledge for the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge!

While I do set up a class each Fall, you are welcome to pursue this EAGLE REQUIRED badge anytime throughout the year. I’d be happy to guide you through it.

* Eagle Required