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2015 Summer Camp- Info Packet

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Hello parents of scouts interested in the 2015 Summer Camp at Pioneer Scout Reservation!

For those who could not make it to the meeting last night, here is a link to the 2015 Summer Camp packet:

A brief note for first year scouts and their families: Sign up for merit badge classes using the Merit Badge Worksheet. T-2-1 (aka The Starting Place) is ideal for first year scouts!  T-2-1 does not require sign up. It has more of a drop-in/workshop feel.
Note prerequisites, age and rank requirements when signing up for a merit badge class.
If you have any questions, please call or email Jim Rossow, at:


Summer Camp Parents Meeting

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Hello Troop 96
On Monday, March 23, at 7:30pm, Troop 96 will hold its Annual Summer Camp meeting for parents.
All scouts are encouraged to attend summer camp. I look forward to seeing your parents there.
Important materials will be distributed or can be emailed to you if you are unable to attend.
Until then, here are a few critical details:
Saturday, July 18 through Saturday July 25, 2015 (7 nights)

Note:  the program runs from Sunday to Saturday.  Troop 96 traditionally sets up camp one day early, on Saturday, to complete merit badge paperwork and settle in to camp before the rush of the program.   Arrive Saturday no earlier than 2pm for drop off.


 The Camp Frontier Bowie Campsite in the Pioneer Scout Reservation.  Pioneer is located near Pioneer, Ohio, about 120 miles from Grosse Pointe.

Pioneer Scout Reservation
07 371 County Road S
Pioneer, OH 43554

How Much?

Camp is $400  ($380 for camp, plus $20 for the extra day)
Make checks out to Troop 96.


  • Pay Early: Save $20 – camp fee of $380 if paid before Monday, May 4 (money must be in Treasurer’s hands)

  • Multiple Campers: Discount for Scout families who have more than one child attending Summer Camp. The first Boy Scout pays the full fee. First additional scout receives $10 off, 2nd added scout is $20 off, etc.

  • Camperships: The troop can provide some scouts with camperships to offset part of the cost. Discuss your needs with the Scoutmaster.

Deadline to register for camp: Monday, June 1

Fore more information, contact Scoutmaster Jim Rossow at 248-514-0167

Enthusiastic Parents Needed!

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Troop 96 is proud to be a thoroughly scout-run organization.  As much as possible, we leave it to our boys to make the decisions and set the tone for their own experience.  But this autonomy is only possible because of our parents and adult leaders, working quietly behind the scenes.  By giving our scouts the responsibility to make their own decisions, we build young men with character and confidence.

Of course, there are many things young men can’t do for themselves, no matter how confident they are!  So we are there, to drive the cars, make arrangements and provide guidance, training and support in many different ways.

So we are looking for a few good men and women- moms and dads, to join our support team!

The boys’ needs are simple.  They need rides to and from events and campouts.  They need someone (with a capable truck or SUV) to haul the trailer to campsites.  They need organization to get permissions, buy supplies, sort out logistics- all in support of their plans and decisions.  They also need trainers and teachers.  Adults who can lead merit badge classes and arrange visits by knowledgeable resources who can come in and lead/teach merit badge material.

And that might be YOU!

So if you have a special talent, skill, large vehicle… the BOYS need you!

Come on in to a Troop meeting next Monday and volunteer.  We can use whatever you have to bring to the team!

Test: Subscribe to our Experimental Newsletter

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We’re trying out MailChimp to test a newsletter that we can send out to parents, scouts and key community members, to keep them informed of Troop 96 and our events, meetings, camping trips and other news.

If you’d like to join our test, please fill out the form using the link above.