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Hello Troop 96!
For families new to Scouting, we’re going to keep this brief and on-point. If you are a returning boy scout or parent, the contents of this email will neither shock, nor alarm. Here we go:

The Boy Scout Uniform & Handbook

Consists of:

* Troop 96 neckerchief (provided by Troop) & Slide (make or buy)

* Official Boy Scout Shirt (short sleeve recommended)

* Official Boy Scout Pants or Shorts or Convertibles (zip-off)

* Official Scout Belt

* Official Scout Socks (they are high quality, buy a few pair)

* A Pen (seriously. There’s slot for it on the shirt pocket)

* Green Epaulettes (loops on the shirt shoulders)

* Green/Tan “96” patch(es)

* Purple World Scout Crest (round with white fleur-de-lis)

* Great Lakes Council Shoulder Patch

* Official Boy Scout Handbook (important!)
Where to get it:

The best places are the local Scout Shops.

* Detroit – 1776 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48208, Saturday 10-3

* Troy – 1155 East Long Lake Road, Saturday 10-5

They will have all sizes in stock. Troop 96 also has a uniform locker in the basement of GPMC which will be open during Troop meetings. Sizing is limited and many of the uniforms do not have patches. Caveat emptor.

You and your scout have a couple of weeks to pull this all together. Don’t panic.


We camp every month during the school year and for a week in the summer (w/o 7/30/17). Your scout has been placed in a patrol with seasoned scouts who will teach them how to camp. How can I be sure? It’s a requirement for their next rank.

Our first camp out is at The Rendezvous on Friday 9/23, regardless of what’s on the printed schedule you picked up Monday. That’s eight (8) days from now. The packing list is attached. We meet in the church parking lot Friday at 4:30 PM sharp. Please consider driving to/from or camping with us!


1. If your boy needs boots, get ‘em this weekend and break ‘em in (mention you’re a boy scout at Moo$ejaw for 15% off).

2. No cotton socks. Synthetic or wool are best.

3. Your scout should play a significant role in packing his own bag for this outing.

4. On Monday, your scout should bring $10 for food to be collected by his Patrol Leader (who is a scout, not an adult).

5. This camp out will be fun and large. Use of the ‘buddy system’ is a must.
Dues & Forms

If you have not yet filled out an application for your new scout, please complete and email to me. Dues are $45 for the year. Checks or cash in marked envelopes work best. Troop meetings are a solid delivery point.

That should cover the bare essentials. More to follow in the coming weeks. If you have questions, please email and and one of us will respond.

Thank you for being part of Troop 96!

Jim Rossow



Scout Rank

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When you first enter the Boy Scouts, you are simply called a “Scout.”

Soon, you will become a Tenderfoot.  It just takes a little work!


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