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What I wish Every Scout Parent Understood

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Check out this article by Clarke Green, a fellow Scoutmaster:

I  received this question from a Scout parent:

“I am new to the Boy Scout Program and I am not getting answers to questions.

For instance my son is to bring a blue card to a merit badge event for the counselor to sign. I got a blue card from the Scoutmaster. Another parent with experience in Boy Scouts told me that they needed to be signed by the Scoutmaster, so my son took the blue cards to the next meeting but the Scoutmaster would not sign them because the counselors name wasn’t filled out. My son and I did not know that was necessary.
Is there a briefing or meeting for parents with no experience in Boy Scouts, so they know what to do or ask ? I feel there is a lack of needed information.”
I answered:
“Typically we don’t have detailed briefings or meetings about this sort of thing for parents. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the role parents have in Scouting or that we want to keep them in the dark. It’s just that Scout parents aren’t the ones we want asking these sorts of questions or doing these sorts of things, we want their Scout to be asking and doing.

You are a bit frustrated because you feel you lack the information a responsible, supportive parent needs. Many parents feel this way – you are not alone! I want to help by giving you the most important information a Scout parent needs to know and what I wish every Scout parent understood…”

To read the entire article,  click on this link:

Tent Day! June 18th

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Hello T96 Summer Campers!If you are attending 2016 summer camp with Troop 96, run don’t walk, to Tent Day! 

…or have someone drive you, if that makes more sense.)
Tent Day will take place on Saturday, 6/18/2015, at 9:00 AM. We will meet in the GPMC parking lot (16 Lake Shore, GPF). Pizza & pop will be provided (upon completion, unless we finish early. In that case the troop saves money and you can go home and mow the lawn). 

An explanation for those who have not yet participated in Tent Day. We will take all of the Troop’s tents out and set them up in the parking lot. The goal is to check all tents to ensure that they have all of the parts; lightly clean them; identify tents that need repair and send them to the manufacturer; and to determine whether any tents should be replaced.

Scouts, who are going to summer camp and participate in Tent Day, can select and reserve a tent for summer camp. This is also a great time to choose your summer camp tent-mate!

What’s that you say? You have a conflict with baseball, lacrosse, badminton, curling and cannot attend Tent Day? Make contact with your tent buddy beforehand!

Please wear sunscreen

Arriving ‘having had’ breakfast

Uniforms are not required

Adult leaders and parents, please let me know if you will attend.

If your scout has not yet signed up for summer camp and would like to attend, please drop off the fee and MB worksheet to 283 Hillcrest by Friday.

Jim Rossow


May 21 Dentistry Merit Badge

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On Saturday, May 21, Dr. Krieg(An Eagle Scout) of LakePointe Orthodontics, is happy to host the Dentistry Merit Badge for another year. It is on 22006 Greater Mack Ave, St. Clair Shores. All scouts who choose to sign up must arrive at around 8:30 am in their full uniforms. It ends around 12:00 pm-ish, and their will be pizza and arcade games. There is a $5 fee for the pizza lunch. If you have any questions, or want to sing up, contact Kurt Newman at For info on the Orthodontists office, go to

April 15th-17th Pioneer Scout Reservation Campout

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On April 15-17, we will be having a campout to Pioneer Scout Reservation, about 120 miles south.  This is special, since this is also the place we will be having summer camp. It will be a tent campout, and we will be having the IRON CHEF cooking competition, so make sure to sign up! Contact Mr. Malbouef at for any questions or concerns. Happy Scouting!

March 19th, 2016, Air Zoo Campout

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If you haven’t signed up for the awesome campout and visit to the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo this weekend, you still have time, if you contact Mr. Malbouef ASAP and register! It is only $10 for food and the Troop is covering the cost of admission!

The Air Zoo is a great little museum, with flight simulators and great exhibits on the history of flight!

Troop 96 Scouts at GP Historical Society

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On October 3, several scouts from Troop 96 acted as greeters at the Grosse Pointe Historical Society’s Radio Hour.  The entertainment included several local actors, who portrayed various characters in a “live radio” styled show, with a surprise visit by “Le Lutin”, a legendary monster from our local past.  Kerrigan, Bryan, Tom, Mark, Angelo and Donovan all showed up on a chilly, rainy day, to support our community.



“Le Lutin!”

Test: Subscribe to our Experimental Newsletter

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We’re trying out MailChimp to test a newsletter that we can send out to parents, scouts and key community members, to keep them informed of Troop 96 and our events, meetings, camping trips and other news.

If you’d like to join our test, please fill out the form using the link above.