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What I wish Every Scout Parent Understood

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Check out this article by Clarke Green, a fellow Scoutmaster:

I  received this question from a Scout parent:

“I am new to the Boy Scout Program and I am not getting answers to questions.

For instance my son is to bring a blue card to a merit badge event for the counselor to sign. I got a blue card from the Scoutmaster. Another parent with experience in Boy Scouts told me that they needed to be signed by the Scoutmaster, so my son took the blue cards to the next meeting but the Scoutmaster would not sign them because the counselors name wasn’t filled out. My son and I did not know that was necessary.
Is there a briefing or meeting for parents with no experience in Boy Scouts, so they know what to do or ask ? I feel there is a lack of needed information.”
I answered:
“Typically we don’t have detailed briefings or meetings about this sort of thing for parents. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the role parents have in Scouting or that we want to keep them in the dark. It’s just that Scout parents aren’t the ones we want asking these sorts of questions or doing these sorts of things, we want their Scout to be asking and doing.

You are a bit frustrated because you feel you lack the information a responsible, supportive parent needs. Many parents feel this way – you are not alone! I want to help by giving you the most important information a Scout parent needs to know and what I wish every Scout parent understood…”

To read the entire article,  click on this link:


BSA License Plates Available

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To show your support for scouting, please consider purchasing a BSA specialty license plate. Plates can be purchased at your local Secretary of state when renewing your plate registration. Plates are only $35, $10 goes towards processing and $25 goes directly to scouting in your area.

For more information on the specialty plates please follow the link.

Campgrounds Map

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Here is a Link to a Google Map we created showing general locations of several Scout Ranches, campgrounds, State Parks and other locations we have visited throughout the years.


Cub Scouts

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A Cub Scout Pack graduates boys into a Boy Scout Troop.

The Cub Scout Organization

Scouts grades 1 through 5 participate in a “Cub Scout Pack”. A Cub Scout Pack is organized a little differently than a Boy Scout Troop.

A Troop is boy run with oversight from Adults. A Pack is completely parent run.

Boys of the same age are organized into “Dens” of 5 to 8 boys. Each Den must have at least one registered adult leader (also there must always be at least 2 adults at any gathering).

Collectively the Dens are called a Pack.

The Pack is overseen by the Committee just like a Troop.

The first badge a Cub Scout must earn in a Pack is the Bobcat. Bobcat covers things like personal safety and the sayings & handshake & Scout Sign in Cub Scouts.

Each Den then works from an age appropriate Handbook to earn that age groups Badge.

  • Tiger – 1st Grade
  • Wolf – 2nd Grade
  • Bear – 3rd Grade
  • Webelos – 4th Grade
  • Webelos II – 5th Grade

Webelos is a transition period from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. The 5th Grade Webelos II’s “Cross Over” to a Boy Scout Troop sometime during the latter half of the school year (February – June).