Scott Allen Award

The Scott Allen Award recognizes contributions to Troop 96, which are far beyond the ordinary and which have had a significant and lasting impact on the troop and its mission.

Scott was one of the shining stars of Troop 96 and was well on his way toward becoming an Eagle Scout when he was diagnosed with leukemia, which ultimately claimed his young and vital life. The award also recognizes work related to advancement and involvement with other important areas of helping others and the community through scouting. Scott Allen best exemplified the ideals that the Boy Scouts of America hold as their core ideals. Scott was a member of the Order of the Arrow, had completed Den Leader training and was always working hard toward his next steps in advancement. But what best describes Scott was his deep love for the outdoors and to his participation in the troop and our monthly camp outs.

A list of candidates will then be presented to the troop committee for review and for approval. The approved list will then be returned to the Scoutmaster and Assistants who will then make the final decision as to the most worthy individual. Because of the award’s significance within the troop, there may not be any one individual that stands above the rest of his peers within the troop. In this case, the troop may not award this distinction until another year when there is an exemplary individual.

BSA Troop 96 Scott Allen Award Winners

2004 – Sean Carroll
2005 – Robert Sullivan
2006 – Alex Kuhn
2007 – Max Roeske


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