Let’s Fly!

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The November campout features a trip to Dayton, Ohio, once the home operations for a couple clever brothers who didn’t think bicycles went fast enough (or high enough!)

Now, we visit the Air Base and Museum that bears their name! Join us for our semi-annual trip to Wright Patterson AFB and the National Air Force Museum!

Along with the titled adventure, we also will enjoy a night of pizza and bowling, after our long day learning about aviation history!

Don’t miss this campout, one of our historical favorite destinations.


Jam Out at the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree!

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Every 4 years, Boy Scouts host a giant gathering which draws scouts from around the country, and from around the world.

Where: Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia
When: July 15-28, 2017
What: High Adventure Event=Zip Lines, BMX, Skateboarding, Merit Badges, Sports, and much more!

For more information, see Jim Rossow at the next meeting!


Campgrounds Map

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Here is a Link to a Google Map we created showing general locations of several Scout Ranches, campgrounds, State Parks and other locations we have visited throughout the years.